A green space with woodland, wildlife pond and horticultural areas, plus a village hall and play area where people can gather together in an environment that fosters learning and wellbeing and provides a base from which, as a community of all ages and abilities, we can support each other.


Our ambitions are threefold:

  • to transform Oaks Meadow into woodland, orchard and kitchen gardens with areas for quiet reflection, creative play and community projects
  • to create an area for structured play for children
  • to build and equip a village hall as a place where people can meet to pursue the group interests they enjoy and provide community services

Our values

We are community-led and welcome longstanding residents and newcomers alike. We  believe everyone has a role to play, should they wish, regardless of age and ability in helping to create new facilities for the benefit of us all.

We seek to enhance the natural environment to encourage and protect wildlife, and mitigate the effects of climate change wherever we reasonably can.